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It can be difficult to start your own organisation or host your own league or cup if you can't find support from a server hosting company. Such sponsorship can be hard to come by, dedicated servers can prove expensive and hosting multiple stand-alone game servers can be costly, inflexible and awkward to maintain.

That's why we're pleased to announce that our partner have come up with a more cost-efficient solution to the problem; Dedi Games Packages. These packages are based on hardware usage and don't limit the games on your servers, the number of slots or even the number of servers you want to host, allowing you total control over the deployment of your hardware.

And thanks to's fantastic browser-based control panel system, it's all really easy to set up and manage. You simply choose the game you want to play, the number of slots you want on the server and it'll install it automatically.

The guys at hope that their exceptionally affordable packages will encourage new esports entrepreneurs, team leaders and cup administrators to take a chance and expand their operations.

And that's not all, because we here at zeroPoint! Gaming are able to give you a 20% discount across all the products in the range. Simply use the code zp20 at checkout to knock off a huge chunk of your monthly payments.

Click here for further information on the Dedi Games Packages and here to go straight to the website.

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Europe GPS needs your help are currently looking to expand their involvement within their community and for that they need your support. They are planning on starting up a youtube channel that will broadcast various shows, podcasts and reviews. For that they need intrested individuals who would be intrested in becomming part of the broadcasting team. If you think you got what it takes apply at !
Everything that fits into a video broadcast is welcome, here are a few ideas that would work well:

  • Gamereviews
  • Let's Plays
  • Commercial work for GPS
  • Hardwarereviews
  • Matchcommentary
  • LAN Reviews (the broadcaster will attend LAN's together with supported or GPS community teams)

We at zeroPoint! believe that this is an intresting opportunity for everyone intrested in starting up a youtube channel or in general video editing. Ofcourse your efforts will be rewarded based on your performaces. Possible rewards range from Hardware, payed trips to events and/or shares of the ad revenue.

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Sweden zP! DoDS win GameOnLive LAN

zP! Win GameOnLive LAN 2012
Though I'm sure many know the results, zeroPoin! are extremely pleased to announce our DoDS team as the winners of the GameOnLive LAN having beaten strong opponents in mTxServ! in the final.

A total of eleven teams entered the events, split into groups of five and six. zeroPoint! and mTxServ! played well winning all their group matches though both teams had some troubling matches against vittu and memento respectively.

In the end zP! went undefeated winning a total of eight matches, including beating mysTix twice in both finals to take the top step in the LAN.

Helz of runners up mTxServ! has this to say on the LAN:
To be honest, it was the best Lan that i've done (yes just 3 I know, but it was different, no inet/server problem etc). The organisation was huge and the admins were excellent (very big thanks to Pif, our dods admin during the LAN). The event was in an amazing stadium and there was an hotel inside the place.

Our game against zP! was just amazing. They won the Winner Bracket final against us 2-1. It was a very intense match in my opinion (hope it was the same for zP!). Later, we played against them in the finals of the Lan. Their map was dod_Santos and our dod_Vallente_rc3. They won dod_Santos by 3 fullcaps and at the same time, this event. Congratz to them ! :)

To conclude, admins told that they hope to make several event like this one every 5-6 months. So it will be nice that some European teams come in the upcoming events !!!

Appointment in three weeks for the Anjougame Lan :)
zeroPoint! [ 3 : 0 ] mTxServ!

zeroPoint!: akiR0, Bouh, mj, nightmare, Ekvall, Link
mTxServ!: Helz, Angel, Jaysku, Jukiko, nKx, Matth
Date: Sunday 19th February
Matchlink: HERE
SourceTV: TBA
Screenshots: 1, 2

I also talked to zP!'s leader akiR0, his story can be found on the next page.

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